Data Products R1180 Canon FR-90/ Seiko IR40/ Sharp EA770R Black Ink Roll

11479P3M_C2 $9.99

DataProducts Canon FR-90/Seiko IR40/ Sharp EA770R Black Ink Roll Part# R1180
Data Products® R1180 black ink roller designed for use with Canon® P-1DH, 1DHIII, 8DH, 10DH, R11DH, 21DX and P40-DII Also for use with Casio® 101ER, 110CR, 115ER, 116ER, 120CR, 150CR, 160CR, 800ER, EC-116ER, FR-90, 95, 101, 101C, 105S, 107, 121S, FR-122, 2550, HP-100T, 5, 7 and 8 Series Casio® HP-15, 16, 100, 100A/S, HR121, 150L/LA, HR-200, PCR-250, 255, 260, 265 and 275 Seiko IR40; Sharp EL1192D, EL1601 Texas Instruments 5027II, 5029A, 5029II, 5030II, 5033II, 5033SV, 5034SV, 5015, 5024, 5027, 5029, 5030, 5034 and 5050 Compatible to Canon® CP-16

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