DeWitt 10' x 12' Woven Stock Tarp Shade Cloth 80% WT10 Black

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This versatile cloth is made from UV stabilized polypropylene and blocks 80 percent of light. Great for use as a shade fabric, truck tarp or landscape fabric.

Stock tarps are general purpose tarps capable of shading, covering loads on trucks, weed control or landscaping


  • UV resistant polypropylene offers great crop protection for UV and heat sensitive plants
  • Shields 80% of the sunlight, allowing 20% through
  • Great for providing shade for pets, people and plants
  • Tightly polypropylene fabric is breathable and rugged
  • Tie down grommets every 3 feet around the edges
  • Usable as a truck tarp to secure soil, wood chips, furniture or anything else
  • Weed controlling

DeWitt's woven stock tarp is the perfect choice for shade structures and animal protection from the sun. This fabric is designed to be rugged and long lasting, ideal for use in high wind conditions and for use over multiple years.

This fabric can be used as a truck tarp, securing a loose load or preventing loss of a light load due to high winds. The UV stabilized fabric resists degradation and holds its strength for a long period.

DeWitt is one of the USA leaders in agricultural fabric. They pioneered the field of permeable weed control fabrics and with over 30 years of product development they now sell the highest quality selection of agricultural fabrics on the market.

Generally for growing plants a shade fabric between 30% and 70% is sufficient. You have to balance shade protection with allowing enough light to get through to your plants which is all dependant on what crop you are growing and whether the plant is a shade loving or sun loving crop. The percentage of shade refers to the quantity of light that is blocked so a 60% shade fabric will let 40% of the light through.

Choosing the right tarp:

As a basic guide on crops you should use a low percentage shade cloth such as 30% for sun-loving crops such as tomatoes and peppers in areas with hot summers. For colder temperature crops such as lettuce and spinach use 50% - 70% in hot southern areas and 30-50% in cooler northern zones. We advise you to look up the plants you are growing to determine which shade cloth is best for your area.

For non-crop usage for example shading pets, livestock, patios and fencing you might consider a higher level of shade for example 70% - 90% depending on your climate.

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