MicroTek Medical CleanOp Infection Control System Turnover Kit DRSC-03

11525P4M_E6 $89.99

MicroTek Medical CleanOp Infection Control System Part# DRSC-03
The CleanOp® Operating Room turnover kit is an established industry standard that today features one of the industrys most exciting innovations: Mojave super absorbent disposable linens.

The CleanOp® Room Turnover System offers such advantages as:

  • Improved room turnover time
  • Superior infection control
  • AORN, OSHA and JCAHO compliance
  • Elimination of costly disposable foam positioners
  • Free hampers, gel pads, mop sticks
  • Free training for all staff to assure proper use

Mojave disposable linens offer:

  • Super absorbent core to remove liquids rapidly
  • Surface stays soft and dry for patient comfort
  • Backing impervious to strike through to protect O.R. table

Pre-packaged with everything needed for faster, easier room turnover, CleanOp has become an industry standard. Now, with innovative new Mojave super absorbent linens offering a higher degree of risk reduction combined with essential free supplies and the training necessary to assure proper protocol, this is the standard of care.

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