SkyBitz Falcon GXT2000 Unpowered Cellular Asset Tracker Tracking Device *New*

11980P5M_RR3 $89.99

The SkyBitz CMANRAP002 Falcon GXT2000 is a self-powered GPS tracker for locating unpowered assets over a cellular connection.

The GXT2000 can be installed on unpowered assets such as trailers, flatbeds and heavy equipment and transmits their GPS location over cellular connection using its own non-rechargeable power source. Information is transmitted to the SkyBitz InSight tool for tracking, monitoring and managing assets.

It was designed to allow customers to reduce unnecessary capital expenses for trailer and asset purchases and improve fleet capacity. It also allows customers react quickly to unexpected supply chain disruptions or new capacity and business demands.

The GXT2000 is encased in an IP67-rated weatherproof housing and is powered by a battery. It can be programmed to shut off in specific locations or in certain time periods to conserve power, such as when a container is on rail.

It uses a simple system of LED lights to confirm proper installation, check battery status and troubleshoot problems.

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